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ghostboy workshops

June 29, 2007

some photos from the ghostboy workshop, showing the process of enlarging some of the smaller images (created during the previos workshop) with a view of pasting them on to a board.



art group presentation 20.6.07

June 20, 2007

Today the art group presented their work to the school at assembly, telling them about the site visits & showing their photos & drawings. At the end they gave out the flyers for this blog so that other children could see all the things we’ve been doing..


pres02.jpg pres03.jpg sipres.jpg



workshop 13.6.07

June 19, 2007

The art group worked with Mac doing some drawing which was inspired by seeing people in the neighbourhood creating a mural with stencils & spray paint..graff.jpg


with Roz they discussed their forthcoming presentation (June 20th) where they will be telling the school about the new building. They worked out a presentation format & which photos & drawings they would use..

presworkshop01.jpg presworkshop03.jpg


The group came up with a script for the talk & decided the ordering as follows..

The Art Club’s Presentation

1. Chloe: We are the art club, thank you for coming to see our presentation. We would like to show you some of the things that we’ve seen when we have been to the new school site. In our presentation there are photos we’ve taken and pictures we have drawn of the things that are special about our new school.

2. Salma: The art club has been to see the new school that is being built to help Annie and Mac decide what to make for new art work for the school. We have been there several times and have learnt about the new building.

3. Salmon: The new school is still being built so there are lots of trucks and diggers there.

4. Mickael: There are also lots of people working there to build our new school who are all very friendly and helpful.

5. Megan: One of the people who works at the new school building site is Jason. Jason is the manager. He is very kind and he likes to chat with people and he speaks very softly and he likes children and he is never raising his voice.

6. The new school is made with lots of natural materials like wood and tree trunks.

7. Latifah: There will even be a roof on the new school that has grass and flowers growing on it.

8. Syed: Inside the new school there are lots of big windows, so plenty of light can come in.

9. Harley: The new school has heating pipes underneath the floor, which is better than having radiators.

10. Chloe: We hope you have enjoyed seeing our pictures and if any one has any questions we will try to answer them. Thank you.


site visit pm workshop 6.6.07

June 19, 2007

In the afternoon we did drawings about the morning site visit & made a list of things we remembered. The drawings will be used in a presentation by the art group to the school on June 20th. Caleb took this pic of a crane & then drew it from memory


This one is by Mikael..



you can see everyones drawings here


this is part of Megan’s really big picture of Jason the site manager, he always takes lots of time with us to tell us about the site & answer our questions.


April 25th – interviewing on camera

May 18, 2007

Roz Hall uses video with the art group – they record interviews with each other about their experiences on the construction site visits.


Roz is a researcher and author of The Value of Visual Exploration: Understanding Cultural activities with Young people. (available from Cornerhouse Books)


May 9th – the Solar System and Ecology

May 16, 2007

Hannah Cox led a series of two worshops on the solar sysem & ecology

with year 3 at Barton Hill school

workshop 2




live representation of the solar system..

the children hold the painted planets they’ve made & follow the corresponding orbits


drawing the orbits – using string as a compass


plotting the seasons


feedback circle.. good thing / bad thing?

“I like all the the information we got”

“I liked the portrait game” (workshop 1)

” I liked going upstairs & seeing it all from above”

“there wasn’t anything bad, I liked it all”

“..really liked using the cameras”


May 2nd – the Solar System and Ecology

May 16, 2007

Hannah Cox led a series of two worshops on the solar sysem & ecology

with year 3 at Barton Hill school

workshop 1


Name Game with Globe


Group Portrait

* Form circle each person with one large sheet of paper in front of them

* every body writes there name on the paper in front of them

* all move one place to the right –
look at the person who’s name is on the paper – and start to paint them

* all move one place to the right – and repeat
until everybody is back were they started


Understanding earths position in the solar system


Painting the planets