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SHEDSITE provides a space for following the construction of the new Barton Hill School and Children’s Centre. The new school is an amalgamation of nursery, infant & junior schools previously spread across 3 separate sites.

SHEDSITE has been set up by artists Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlop to archive the processes involved in generating artwork for the new eco building.

The project was completed in April 2008, the artworks generated recall the processes and participation of the children involved and reflect the ecological focus of the new building.

Project information / downloads:

Commissioning Process:

Stage 1 (initial concept designs)

  • SHED – a physical space for experimentation, events programme. and web log. The artworks designed for the new building would be generated through a process-led, inclusive and site responsive approach shed-space-plan.pdf

Stages 2 & 3 (final designs & production / installation)


  • Celebrating young peoples involvement in generating artworks inspired by the ecological design and construction of the new building. Insites: Barton Hill Primary School and Children’s Centre Public Art Programme Edited by Annie Lovejoy, Roz Hall and Mac Dunlop. Published by RiO, 2008. ISBN 978-1-906687-01-4 barton-hill-booklet-insites

Evaluation Report:

  • The process generated evaluation by Dr Roz Hall compliments the process led approach of the artists. Rather than being based solely on interviews that take place after the project has happened, this method is one that builds evaluation into wider project activities. Evaluation report
  • UPDATE 2009 – project featured in CABE publication Creating Excellent Primary Schools. pdf download here

The main things are to learn from the lessons of what has been done and disseminate it to a wider audience. The positive impact of the process for Barton Hill is of national relevance, and not just for schools, but for wider public contexts. Jonathan Hines and Tom Mason, Architype

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